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              Bionic Brew | Electric Craft Beer Born in Shenzhen


              By in Events, Tap Room Comments Off on May News: We’re open!, Guangming Beer Fest, The Cartel, New Brews

              May News: We’re open!, Guangming Beer Fest, The Cartel, New Brews


              Annnd we’re back!

              You didn’t think we were closed for good, did you?

              After 37 days of drinking with our mouths under the taps we decided it was time to reopen our doors to the public. Actually it just took that long to work out our issues with the Po-Po but we finally got them solved and are free to open as usual.We made some changes to the staff while we were closed?and hired a new brewmaster from Russia by way of Germany. Yay for better beer and me no longer sweating in the brewhouse!

              The first kegs of beer from the Russian brewing tag team of Dmitrii and Lidia will be tapped this week (fingers crossed) and we’ve got some treats on the horizon over the next few weeks and months.
              After more than a month shut we want to see all your faces and hear what you’ve been up to. It’ll also be nice to actually sell?some beer again so I can keep paying all these hard working people I’ve surrounded myself with.
              It’s back to business as usual with hot fired NYPD pizza and ice cold Bionic back in business Fri-Su 17:00-01:00?(Su until midnight).
              Guangming Beer Fest

              Sat/Sun?16/17 May

              We’ve been invited by some Chinese brewers to join them at their beer fest and we’re excited about taking our brews to a new audience. It’s actually an agricultural and beer fest combined and located far out in the middle of nowhere near Dongguan. Organizing a van is highly recommended and if you’re interested drop us a line and we’ll help you get one sorted from wherever you are. Contactjozhou@www.abvdmi.icu if you need a ride.

              Shady Monkey HH
              Saturday 16 May
              A gangsta, pimp, and hoes party

              On the same day as the beer fest we’re going straight ghetto in style with SMHH in our own hood of Baishizhou. Just a few minutes walk from the BionicBrew / NYPD spot. Pre-party at Bionic with beer and moonshine specials for all the pimps and hoes in attendance.

              The Cartel

              Become one of the original 36 cartel members starting May 22?at 17:00. Membership in the Cartel lasts one year and gets you the following:
              • 25RMB all day every day (Pale Ale, 特K, Wit)
              • Buy 1 get 1 every Wednesday and Sunday (Pale Ale, 特K, Wit,?& Specials)
              • 10% off to go beer
              • 20% off all merchandise
              • Invite only release party on seasonal and limited editions
              • All you can drink on your birthday
              • Members-only access to?special parties, swag, educational events, fun stuff, random giveaways. This?could be an early preview of special beer, drinking in the brewery, or random treats to keep you happy. We’ll treat you right.
              Buy In:?500RMB

              Hong Kong Beer Co.

              Slow Boat Brewing – Beijing

              In addition to our own beers we also import and distribute a select number of premium craft beers for others through own distribution company. One day hopefully we’ll be distributing our very own Bionic brews via this same channel but for now it’s all about our friends beer.
              If you see an HKBC or Slow Boat beer around town we encourage you to pick one up and try it. They seem to be moving quick so it seems we’re not the only ones that like them. You can also find bottles in our cooler at the Bionic / NYPD spot in Baishizhou.The following bars carry HKBC and/or Slow Boat:

              • NYPD+ at 1979 complex (where the beer festival was held)
              • Volfoni (Shekou)
              • Frankie’s Nanshan
              • Frankie’s Futian
              • The Westin Hotel Nanshan
              • In House (Luohu) – ask for them by name. ?Not often?on the shelf but there.
              • Fool Heaven (Futian)?– ask for them by name. Not often?on the shelf but there.
              • Delores (Shekou)?– ask for them by name. Not often?on the shelf but there.
              ?BionicBrew Tap Room – ON TAPBionic?5.6% ABV, 32 IBU
              Bikini Wit 5% ABV, 14?IBU
              Special-K?4.5% ABV, 19?IBU
              Pipe Hitter IPA 6% ABV, 50?IBU
              Chocolate Nugget Stout 5% ABV, 25?IBU
              Attack at Dawn Saison 6% ABV, 25 IUB
              Amber 187, 7% ABV, 40?IBU


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