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              Bionic Brew | Electric Craft Beer Born in Shenzhen


              By in Brewery, News, Shenzhen Comments Off on CNN Travel: Shenzhen craft beer needs to be on your 2018 China travel list

              CNN Travel: Shenzhen craft beer needs to be on your 2018 China travel list

              CNN Travel recently visited the Shenzhen craft beer scene to add Bionic?Brew to a long list of reasons to visit our lovely city. When searching for Shenzhen craft beer on your trip be sure to stop by our taproom.
              From craft beer to handcrafted cocktails to wild clubs, a night out in Shenzhen makes for a very good time.
              For a homegrown pale ale, try?Bionic Brew?— there’s a low-key taproom on a pedestrian street in the Baishizhou area, in western Shenzhen (Shahe Jie Shangye Buxing A-1F02/03, Nanshan, Baishizhou, Shenzhen; +86 0755 8670 7005).
              The place also serves beer cocktails as well as non-alcoholic numbers like mate and even kombucha.
              But plan accordingly: the brewery accepts cash, Bitcoin or WeChat payments… but no credit cards.
              Read the full article about why Shenzhen is a great travel destination and follow the journalist on Twitter.
              By in Brewery, Hong Kong, News, Shenzhen, Tap Room Comments Off on French Chamber Hong Kong explains craft beer in Shenzhen

              French Chamber Hong Kong explains craft beer in Shenzhen

              Read the full article?about craft beer in Shenzhen on FCCIHK.

              Bionic Brew delivering craft beer in Shenzhen

              Bionic Brew delivering craft beer in Shenzhen

              The French Chamber of Hong Kong sits down with Joe for a pint and a discussion on how he’s survived two forced police closures to mold the city’s beer scene with the first brewery and founding the Shenzhen craft beer festival.

              When the first incarnation of Bionic Brew’s bar & microbrewery was ordered to close by the local Shenzhen authorities, its founder Joe Finkenbinder blacked out the windows and carried on brewing in secret from the late evenings until sunrise. By day he would distribute his creation to bars around the city.

              The move to a second location lasted only a couple of months before being shut down in similar fashion. Joe still isn’t sure why, but he has his guesses. Setting up your bar behind an unmarked door down an alleyway in a non-typical F&B location might be functional and hip in Brooklyn or Hong Kong. But in China, this creates problems.

              “The location was not entirely on purpose. Part of it was because we wanted to test the market. Could the product stand on its own?” he says, “A lot of places get away with a mediocre product because of location. We were just about the beer. The reality is that we wouldn’t have been shut down if we were in a more mainstream shopping mall location. Here it’s a bit more old-school China, you can’t just set up wherever you like.”

              We join Joe for a pint – obviously – at his third taproom in as many years in the gritty Baishizhou village in Shenzhen. A handful of outdoor tables are slowly filling up with the Friday after-work crowd when we arrive. There’s a tranquillity to it, at least for now, that you don’t expect from a city like Shenzhen. This restaurant-lined strip, he explains, was shown to him by the police as an apparently acceptable location to set up.

              Read the full article?about craft beer in Shenzhen on FCCIHK.

              By in Events, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival Comments Off on Inaugural Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival

              Inaugural Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival

              BionicBrew is throwing the Inaugural Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival on?March 28,?all day?Saturday.

              Location is at 1979 Honey Lake, Qiaoxianglu 1011,?Shenzhen. (Xiangmei North Subway station exit B2).

              There are other beer festivals in Shenzhen but this one is different. To start, there will only be locally brewed beer from Guangdong and beyond, but no imports. We’re inviting some friends from outside Shenzhen to come and let us taste what they’ve been brewing.

              There will also be food from local businesses and musicians from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and we count on you to help us spread the word.

              If you’re a food vendor, a brewer, or just want to get involved, let’s speak at?bionicbrew@gmail.com.

              More info:?http://shenzhencraftbeer.com/



              SZ craft beer fest

              By in Events, Shenzhen, Tap Room 2

              BionicBrew New Location | February 2015

              BIONIC BSZ 2.0

              soft opening

              Starting on Tuesday, February 17 we’re going to be in a semi open status. The bar will be open but the restaurant will not be until March.

              If you thought the original Bionic was a challenge to find wait until you go on this little adventure. We’re hidden inside an industrial park in Baishizhou off of Shahe Jie. It’s walkable from Baishizhou subway station and very convenient to OCT/Portofino area.

              There will be a pin drop posted into the group chat to easily locate it and you can always message me directly for a pin drop.


              ON TAP: BionicBrew Baishizhou

              Bionic Pale Ale 5.6% ABV, 32 IBU

              Sunday Session IPA 5% ABV, 40 IBU

              Special-K (K?lsch) 4.5% ABV, 19 IBU

              Pipe Hitter IPA 6% ABV, 50 IBU

              Chocolate Nugget Porter 5% ABV, 25 IBU

              Attack at Dawn Saison 5.8% ABV, 25 IBU

              Amber 187 7% ABV, 40 IBU

              Moving Sale!

              What do you do when you have more beer than kegs? In preparation for our upcoming move we made as much beer as possible and have been storing the beer in the fermentors, which is a good idea until you have to move the fermentors. We tried to open the original Bionic BSZ but the cops squashed that idea in the second week of festivities. So then we bought some more kegs but they aren’t here yet and it’s time to go.

              What to do? Sunday Session in the park. Sunday, February 8th from 2p-8p we’re going to have a little get together in the park in OCT.

              We’ve got to drain 12 kegs of beer by Monday morning so we can refill them with the tasty treats stored in the final fermentor. Drink all you want for 50RMB.

              Sunday sesh1

              Shekou Pop Up Shop Closed

              Our short lived Shekou spot is closed. It was always meant to be temporary and that day has come. It was great to be down there for a bit and make ourselves known to a new group of craft beer lovers. We’ve had a few customers want us to come back so bad they’ve been out scouting for more locations in Shekou. Thanks guys! Keep the ideas coming and perhaps one day we’ll return and put down some real roots.



              By in Events, Shenzhen, Tap Room 1

              New location & New Year’s Party

              annnd we’re back.

              Our second location is now open in Shekou.

              We had a lot of requests from both the Shekou and Luohu crowd to get a little closer to home so?we ended up with?a very small tap room in the Peninsula in Shekou. We’ve got a plan for a hidden Luohu bar in the future though!

              Our original Baishizhou location will not be reopening due to one?of the most unbelievable stories we’re not allowed to share (it’s actually not the neighbors completely) but we have a plan for another one right across the street?if we can get one more thing to fall into place. Keep you posted on that later.

              For now you can find us at?Peninsula 2, Jin Shi Ji Road No 1-2, Shekou, Nanshan District (广东省深圳市南山区蛇口望海路与金世纪路交汇处). If taking the subway, go to Dongjiaotou?station on line 2 exit B, like Bionic, and turn right, then right again and walk straight. It’s a 4 minute stroll from exit B to our doorstep.

              Wed/Thurs/Sun 17:00 – 22:00
              Fri/Sat 17:00 – Midnight (ish)

              Christmas Hours:
              Tuesday 23rd: 8-10pm
              Wed 24th/Thurs 25th: Closed
              Fri/Sat/Sun: Normal hours









              BionicBrew Shekou

              • Bionic Pale Ale 5.4% ABV, 32 IBU
              • Bikini Wheat 4.5% ABV, 14 IBU
              • Special-K (K?lsch) 4.6% ABV, 19 IBU (New Brew)

              New Year’s Eve Party

              New Year’s Eve?we’re paring up with the Honey Lake Music crew for another big party. This time we’ll bring enough beer to last well into the night.

              On tap:

              • Bionic Pale Ale
              • Bikini Wheat
              • Special-K (K?lsch) – new brew


              By in Shenzhen, Tap Room Comments Off on Voted Best Brew in That’s PRD Magazine

              Voted Best Brew in That’s PRD Magazine


              This week the people of Shenzhen voted us the Best Brew in the city in the annual That’s PRD Magazine food & drink awards!

              Thanks a lot from all of us at BionicBrew. We work very hard to bring you the best beer we can in our always challenging to find bar in Baishizhou. Due to some issues with keeping up with demand and an urgent need for a new tap room/brewing facility we’ve temporarily closed our doors. Have no fear, a plan is in the works to bring you a bigger and better spot for you to call home.

              By in Brewery, Events, Shenzhen, Tap Room Comments Off on BionicBrew Nominated as the Best Brew at That’s Shenzhen 2014 Food & Drink Awards

              BionicBrew Nominated as the Best Brew at That’s Shenzhen 2014 Food & Drink Awards

              We are proud to announce that?BionicBrew ?has been nominated as the Best Brew at That’s Shenzhen 2014 Food & Drink Awards.

              Vote for your Shenzhen’s favourite restaurants and bars here:?http://vote.thatsmags.com/vote/thats-shenzhen-2014-food-drink-awards/79

              By in Events, Shenzhen Comments Off on Shenzhen Craft Beer Drinkers Meetup

              Shenzhen Craft Beer Drinkers Meetup

              To get more familiar with the beer scene in Shenzhen we launched a MeetUp?group “Shenzhen Craft Beer Drinkers”. ?It is meant to give you an excuse to get together once in a while and try craft beers, local and imported, learn more about brewing and meet like-minded people in Shenzhen. We, 60+ craft beer lovers,?get together?at least once a month and try to meet up?at different venues?each time. Shenzhen’s beer scene being relatively small, we might end up in BionicBrew every 4th or 5th time:)

              The next meetup will be on Thursday September 17th at our neighbours’, the Paradise Store. RSVP here:?http://www.meetup.com/Shenzhen-Craft-Beer-Drinkers-Meetup/events/205916862/

              Join the community and find out who’s in it:


              By in Events, Shenzhen Comments Off on KanKan (看看) Movie Nights at BionicBrew

              KanKan (看看) Movie Nights at BionicBrew

              In September we’re hosting our friends from KanKan movie Club.

              We’ll be showing two movies, Confessions on the 11th, and Chuchelo on the 25th starting at 7:30pm. We’ll have beers at 25rmb to keep you happy.

              This Thursday, September 25th,?Kan Kan 看看 Movie Club is coming back to BionicBrew with a Russian gem “Chuchelo“, starting 7:30PM. Come early to get a better spot:)

              KanKan BionicBrew